Dain Walker... TEAM COORDINATOR, JULY 2015

Leading up to my journey through ACN I had been working as a retail manager for a custom t-shirt store in a massive shopping complex for over 5 years. The hours were long and the responsibility of running a storefront that not only sells stock but designs and custom prints stock to order was stressful and had its challenges. I found myself working 48 days straight on 78 hour weeks during November 2014. Other staff had recently quit and the boss was having a baby at the time. So all the weight and responsibility fell on my shoulders, without getting paid overtime or penalty rates. Not to mention no lunch breaks & 14 hours on my feet was a pretty tiresome slog.

I wanted my time back and I needed a way out. I wasn't interested in studying for 3-4 years & I was also scared to face the fact that something had to change. I stumbled upon this opportunity by complaining to a friend over Facebook. He mentioned to me that he might have something I would be interested in and that someone would call me in the next few days. 2 days later I received a call from my now mentor, RD Ben Watson-Brown.
He asked if I was interested in making some extra money and we agreed to meet over a coffee. As soon as Ben was in box 3, I already knew I was in! I was willing to give anything a crack, so from November 20 I started putting as much spare time into the business that I could. After 5 months of building ACN part-time on the side it was matching my full time wage & I was blown away by the insane income that ACN can generate.

People often say they don't have enough time & I sure didn't. But I was determined to make it happen anyways, I would often drink a lot of water at work so I had to go on frequent toilet breaks. On my walk between work and the toilet I would be on the phone inviting people to PBR's and events haha!

If there was something happening in the company, I was there! If there was a conference call I was on it. I even flew myself and the team to Sydney just to view the companies new compensation plan. I had used up all my sick days at work so that I could attend the regional events and International events, I was so hungry to change my life. I didn't even have a car for the first 6 months in the business, I was too broke to afford one. I would catch trains, bus's and cab's everywhere, I piqued the drivers and collected a lot of customers. I use to call friends and family to drive me to the PBR's I was presenting at just so I could get around. Then when I got my new car I had no license so I had to drag people on the team around who had their Open license! Once I got my P's I then clocked over 10,000km's in just two months. I don't think their was one suburb between Noosa & the Gold Coast that I did not visit. While driving everywhere I would treat my car like a university and listen to self help audio books over and over again.
On my ACN journey I learned is that things don't always go according to plan, but one piece of advice drove me through every obstacle I come across & that was ''Don't wish it were easier, wish that you were better!'' applying this principal to myself and always wanting to overcome any challenge carried me through the craziest moments. After 7 months of working the system and putting all my learning into action I found myself as a TC. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I could travel the globe, meet such amazing people & share my story in front of thousands of people. People told me ''You'll lose your friends in that business'' Where in fact I found myself making more friends than I could possibly count. All my true friends could see the benefits ACN had given me & started to go out of their way to support me. I even had people who tried to talk me out of the business end up joining & becoming some of the best people on my team months later.

All this company takes is a couple of ingredients & the rest will follow. Have a healthy determination to take on any challenge & just be incredibly hungry to make it happen on a daily basis. Persistence isn't perfect, but persistence makes permanent. If you want a permanent business, all you have to do is be persistent. I find myself jumping out of bed every day now with anticipation and drive for all my life goals ahead, I am so lucky to have found this remarkable business & I look forward to many prosperous and exciting years to come!

ETT - In first week!
ETL - 56 days!
TC - 7 months!
Ambassador Club 6 consecutive months!
RD here I come!

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