Henk & Catherine Schenk - TC August 2013


"Just over 5 months ago, ACN came into our world. I'm a very involved mum of 6 incredibly amazing children, (the youngest 18) and 4 grandies. I run a sewing business from home and  I'm also committed to my church and what we do there for the community.

What I saw with ACN, was the opportunity to retire my handsome, amazing, hard working husband, from 40 years of building. This will give us the freedom to move into what we've always been passionate about and what we've been involved with the past 15 years. Which is:  more time and finances to spend with family and friends. And secondly, helping people, whose lives have been adversely affected by different sorts of abuse and supporting them, in transforming their lives, to become the great people they are created to be.
Free of heartache, great contributors to the community, and looking forward to their future with excited hope of a wonderful, happy, fulfilled life. ACN was the perfect fit into my busy life and to grow it to a position of TC has been very do-able.

The ACN journey has been incredible, yes it has it's ups and downs, but the ups far outweigh the downs. Every small addition to the business, is growth. And not even one "no" has actually decreased my business at all.

Every day, I use what time I have, to do something towards the business, sometimes it isn't much at all, or it can be something fairly insignificant, and some days I spend much time working on my business, however 5 months later TC is accomplished. I find it amazing that it's already happened :)

Larry Raskin said something at a recent event. "'Stop' stopping and starting" This is priceless! No matter what you do, just keep going and you WILL achieve your dreams and desires.

Lastly, the one most wonderful aspect of this business is, the fact that its so based on relationships, success is only achieved, if you help someone else achieve their success.

I absolutely love partnering with like minded people and amongst the work that we do, do, we have a lot of fun. Which business can boast that they can do business while enjoying cuppas and food, sometimes at home, sometimes in cafes. I've gotten to know quite a few of my business partners on a personal level and we have become wonderful friends. There are already plans in the making of spending some serious downtime together when financial goals are achieved. How cool is that!

Then there is the joy and satisfaction watching your friends begin to achieve things that  some of them have only been able to dream about, previously. I just cannot think of anything else that can top that!"

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