Phew... I knew if I just hung in there for long enough, I would eventually make TC!

I would never have achieved this, without firstly the support of my sponsors, my parents; and more specifically my mentor, best friend and Mum, Narelle.  A big thank you to Keith & Colleen for the support they have been to me personally and my team.

Prior to ACN, I worked in Real Estate Sales six days a week.  I enjoyed it, however didn't like the long hours and the fact that I had to keep selling hours to maintain a decent income!!  I was introduced 2 years ago to ACN by my folks.  At first I was apprehensive, as I thought my parents should stick to what they had.  Whilst I was/am always open to oportunity, I wasn't actively seeking a new career.  However, my Mum phoned me from the ACN International Training Event in Detroit, and she was so enthusiastic about ACN and the experience she was having in America that it got me excited and really piqued my curiousity.

My first PBR consisted of a few friends around the dining room table listening to the opportunity over speakerphone the same evening my parents returned from the International Event in Detroit.  At the time, we knew nothing about what ACN would offer in Australia, but we were very excited by ACN's track record and success in other markets.  What appealed to me about ACN was that it is a great, simple business for young people.  As long as you are willing to become a big-time learner and you remain 100% coachable you will be a huge success within the company.

Another appealing factor is that there is no on-going monthly product buy.  With ACN, I can provide a service that everyone wants and needs at a discount to what they are already paying.  I work once and gain residual income- compounding customers paying over and over and over...

Unfortunately, most of my closest friends haven't been open to looking at what I do.  Rejection by family and friends is by far one of the biggest challenges.  I guess the pain of rejection could be avoided by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing.  But that's not for me!  For new representatives, the challenge is entirely between their own ears.  Of course you CAN do it!  Anybody can!  In this industry you persevere or you perish - quitting is one sure way to fail.  Surviving is synonymous with thriving in our industry.  Think of ACN not as a career, but as a vehicle to help you do the things that really matter to you.

What do you REALLY want in your life?  Have you even stopped to think what you really really want?  My advice to you, stop for a moment, write it down and constantly hold it in front of you.. if it doesn't happen in the time frame you expected or wanted, THAT'S OK!!!  The sky won't fall in!  Life goes on and on, and on, and on... Re-set the date on your goal and go at it again.  If it takes you 3 years, so what.  If it takes you 5 or 7 years, big deal!!!  Where will you be in 7 years if you don't make a change NOW?  Remember this, opportunities always look bigger going than coming.  Do something now... something consistently everyday; whether it be working on yourself (ie. reading or listening to a tape) or working on your business.

"Volunteer to change, cause if you don't, life will draft you anyways."  Mark Vincenti

You will get there... I am proof LOL!!!!!  =)

In recognition of hitting TC and because of Keith & Colleen's generosity I was able to purchase a 60GB video iPod...

What an awesome gift!  I am able to take my whole collection of music and more importantly teaching tapes/CDs with me EVERYWHERE I go because of this great tool.  I literally have 1,000s of dollars of teaching material now, at my finger tips and nobody even need know what a 'nerd' (LOL) I appear to be, as I can listen and enjoy it at my leisure inconspicuiously!!!  Previously, I would take one or two carefully chosen CDs and listen to those ones over and over and over.

My work involves a lot of travel, where I stay away from home, so having the iPod enables me to get daily education and teaching but also, to enjoy my music.. and whatever I choose to have on.

Really, this is a BIG, BIG DEAL!  It's awesome.
Thank you.

Hayley Labuschewski TC - Brisbane June 2006


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