Howard Shen

Prior to ACN, I had been very successful as an Financial Adviser in the Life Insurance industry but even though I was doing quite well, I found that I had to keep doing the same thing over and over again day in day out. I needed a new challenge. I had been looking at other network marketing companies out there but noted that the products were too costly and that ultimately, limited the potential market.

When the ACN opportunity came along, I was at first, a little apprehensive – was it really as good as it sounds?

The idea of residual income was fantastic and rewarding but what really attracted me was what ACN was marketing. It wasn’t a product! It was marketing a service that everyone uses every single day, all over the world. This is what network marketing is all about, having the potentially limitless market out there – I WAS IN!!!

I knew this was the once in a lifetime opportunity I had been looking and waiting for.

ACN provides me and my family with the vehicle to change our lives forever. Achieving a level of financial freedom and having the time to truly enjoy life. And working together with so many passionate, positive and like-minded people, makes the journey an even more memorable one.

Howard & Annie Shen RVP - Melbourne September 2007
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Howard & Annie Shen TC - Melbourne October 2006
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