Issy McIntyre... Team Coordinator 18th July 2014

Toowoomba's ONLY TC...
Great Job Issy! Who will be next?

Peter and I have always been on the land and after we were married we had a property SW of Longreach in Central Qld where we raised our two girls. Being 100k out of Longreach I taught the girls through Longreach School of Distance Education, an amazing system and an extra dimension in mothering.

We sold out at Longreach and bought a beautiful property on the Darling Downs near Toowoomba. We were set for life financially, or so we thought! 12 years of bad seasons and a business that disappeared overnight left us in a very precarious situation.

We sold the farm and moved to Toowoomba, our future looking very bleak with the pension and little else to look forward to in retirement. Terrifying!

I came into ACN by accident. 3 years ago I was working at Fletcher Jones, an iconic Australian company, which subsequently went under after 94 years, when RVP Mr Keith Janke came to take my friend and colleague, Margaret, out to lunch. I had met Keith briefly in another company, but knew him mainly from his presence in that company and had the utmost respect for him and his integrity. I was keen to know what he was doing now. Keith left Margaret a DVD. After many months, Margaret asked if she could come round and watch it with me one night, as she was feeling guilty. I stayed up till after 1am watching it, fascinated. Margaret decided to join. I wasn’t, as I had been burnt by another company but, yes, I would come and support her.

I then met the wonderful Jenny Palmer and left with 3 home meetings booked. Margaret didn‘t continue but gave me the most amazing gift and I will be forever grateful. Peter, however, was most unimpressed as I had been up a number of dry gullies and he thought this just another. Somehow, I just knew that this was our only hope of freedom.

I didn’t have the fastest journey to TC - 3 years. I had finally had enough pain and really plugged into the system, personal development and made the commitment and effort of regularly travelling to Brisbane and attending training.
 I am incredibly grateful to RVP Mr Keith Janke and Jenny Palmer for their continued patience, support and guidance. I know they must have been so frustrated at times. It has been a journey of personal growth. I simply wasn’t good enough and had to learn a lot! Particularly about consistency. Stopping and starting wasn’t very productive and I'm glad for a huge lesson I recently experienced due to consistency and following up.

TC seemed a long way off and it was consistent follow through that led to the growth that brought it home. I love the fact that no one can do this business alone and every achievement is a team effort, to my team, we have all achieved this and I am so grateful. To be part of the growth and development of others is so exciting. ACN is a gift that can touch hearts and change lives.

What I love about ACN is that it is a level playing field. I’m not young and have no university but we all start at the same place and work our way up. Every step of the way we have support and mentoring.

It is such a privilege to be part of this company. THANK YOU ACN!

It is such a privilege to be part of this company.

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