Team Coordinator - 18th Sept 2007

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ACN – A life changing Opportunity.
When I was first introduced to ACN, I was 19 years of age, and studying full time at University. The one thing I feared at that stage was, not knowing what direction I wanted to take upon finishing my studies. And that was when I came across ACN.

When I first heard that ACN could help us get paid every time people I know or even better, people I don’t know, used the phone anywhere in 19 countries around the world, I was just completely blown away. The concept of residual income was completely new to me.  But the one thing I wanted to know was whether I could do this. For a student like myself who has never had a full time job let alone any business experience, Could I succeed with ACN?

I was told when I first started in ACN to be successful there are two - must have ingredients.

No.1 is having the right mindset because SUCCESS IS A CHOICE and whether YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN or YOU CAN’T – YOUR ULTIMATELY RIGHT.

No.2 is having a powerful REASON WHY you need ACN to succeed for you.

My reason whys were

  1. I wanted to have a lifestyle that I’m in control of – to do what I want to do when I want to do it, to have more CHOICES. Through ACN and the concept of residual income, it opened up my eyes and it made me realise that most people work so hard in their lives helping other people build wealth that when they retire 30-40 years later, they still didn’t have a comfortable lifestyle. And I wasn’t prepared to follow in those footsteps.
  2. I wanted to retire my mum from her traditional business because I have seen how hard she has had to work and the amount of sacrifices she has made for me since arriving in Australia 16 years ago. ACN was going to be the very vehicle which would allow me to achieve both these goals. 

I knew that as long as I persisted and never quit, I was going to make it and realise my goals. It’s taken around 20 month for me to achieve TC and I wouldn’t change a thing. ACN has allowed me to grow and develop myself personally in ways I would never have thought possible. With ACN, it’s about being in an environment of success, in which we are forever surrounded by likeminded, positive and successful people who not only want to help themselves but help other people to achieve success as well.

For me, ACN is no doubt the best opportunity on the planet. It is a vehicle that brings the best characteristics out of people...

all you need to succeed with ACN is to have the desire to do so!

If a 21 year old student with no successful background or experience can do this business, then there is no doubt you can do it too!


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