Jin (Jennifer) Qian TC in just over 11 months.

jen jen

March 2008

Jennifer came to Australia six years ago as an International student, looking for a better opportunity and seeking to fulfill her dreams.

When Jennifer finished her two Masters degrees, she found it difficult because of the language barriers to find the type of work she was looking for. It was at that time, Jennifer came across the ACN opportunity.

Jennifer knew it was the opportunity that she had been waiting for where she can truly realise her dreams of becoming financially free.

Her strong reasons for doing ACN is for her family. When Jennifer came to Australia, she left her son behind to be looked after by her parents and it wasn't until recently, that she had the means to bring him over to Australia along with her parents to be right beside her.

Jennifer now has a growing team of over 140 Reps all across the Eastern states of Australia and her next goal is to become RVP by the end of this year.


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