Jenny Palmer & Ian MacDonald (Macca) REGIONAL DIRECTOR, APRIL 2015

Before establishing an ACN business, Jenny and Macca had 60 years collective experience in the Film and Television Industry.

"We both had varied and interesting careers, with many common elements," said Jenny. "We'd both done live Studio work, both been cinematographers and producers, both been on the road for News and Current Affairs (including stints overseas), and eventually found a niche that became our specialty - Film and Video Editing. We were both very skilled and had great reputations as people who got the job done right."

After decades working for the major networks, Macca founded his own TV Production business in Sydney in the 1980's. He says, "I saw an opportunity when the networks were beginning to outsource. I've always been someone who prefers to work for myself I'd had a restaurant & wine bar on the Central Coast, and I played in a band for years as well. So I thought I could work for myself and make a small fortune, rather than being a paid employee."

The business went well for many years, however the toll of a 7-day-a-week routine with no time for family life became obvious. Jenny had also left her job with a major Current Affairs show to join Macca in the business, which meant they needed a live-in nanny to take care of the home life.

"When you're in deep, you can't see the forest for the trees," said Jenny. "We had so much debt against our home for the amount of technical infrastructure we needed to supply our clients with a top quality product. We were on call 24/7, and we were slowly burning ourselves out. Nothing but deadlines, bills, staff problems and more deadlines and bills. It's a horrible picture!"

In December 2000, their business came to a screeching halt with the announcement that the digital revolution was coming to Australia.

By March 2013, all TV stations would be broadcasting in the new digital format. "That was the death knell for our business," said Macca. "We knew it was coming eventually, but we were working so hard it was impossible to plan and make the time to make any changes. In the end, we couldn't possibly chuck all our gear out to make way for the new. We were still paying off the equipment that had become obsolete overnight. All our clients wanted to make programmes in the new format only. We lost the lot."

After moving from Sydney to Brisbane, Jenny and Macca did many odd jobs to make enough money to keep 3 of their 4 boys at good schools. These were extremely difficult years, but they were always looking for ways to make their financial situation better and life easier for the family.

"In hindsight, we made some rash decisions as you do when you're desperate to get an income stream going quickly. Macca was working in physically demanding jobs and I wanted the boys to stay in private education. With the last of our funds, we made some investments that weren't worth the paper they were written on. Then I got a phone call in 2004, from a virtual stranger. She asked me, 'How'd you like to get paid when the phone rings?' I thought that sounded ridiculous at the time, but the notion of that one simple line got me thinking." Jenny remembers a meeting where the ACN business was explained on a white board. ACN had not yet launched in Australia, but the information was compelling enough to sign on immediately.

"I went to an ACN event and met Mr Keith Janke,' said Macca. "When he said to me, all you have to do to be successful is to stay in the business, I knew I could do that."

And that's what they've done. Their advice for anyone is to have a Plan B income for when the unexpected happens.

Jenny "If we can do this, anyone can do this! We worked most of our lives in small dark rooms speaking to nobody. When I saw this business, I felt hopeless and helpless. Now, we have learned more about ourselves, and the possibilities for an incredible future from ACN trainings. The ACN system is a simple and proven one for 22 years. As we develop ourselves personally, so does our business grow. It's all about making a decision and learning what you need to learn to have the skills to become a Network Marketing professional. I urge everyone to take a serious look at this business. If not this then what? How are you ever going to have financial security from a job or a traditional business? Now, we have no overheads, no staff, no stock, no equipment, and no worries!!! What we do have, is an asset that continues to grow. A business that can be passed on for generations to come."

Macca "Thank goodness we lost our business all those years ago! Otherwise we'd still be slaves to our clients with no time for our family. Whatever it is you're looking for more time to do what you want, more money every month, being able to make a difference in the world, being able to help others make positive changes and see them also find what they're looking for. This business is magic. There's no such thing as a quick buck, but making residual income slowly is better than never making it at all.

We knew nothing about Network Marketing when we started, so we became students - of the Industry, the company and ourselves. Attend every event you can, especially the International Training Events, and you will be a success. Make that commitment, and we look forward to seeing you at the top!"

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