RVP Kelly Tao June 2010

"Hard work + System + Dream = Success"

With a team of more than 2000 Representatives, supporting almost 4000 Customers,
Kelly is one of the most successful and inspiring leaders in Asia Pacific.


RD Kelly Tao Oct 2009
Before discovering ACN, Kelly worked extremely hard in various traditional businesses to achieve her goals but experienced little success. Now, Kelly leads an ever expanding team of over 1900 Representatives in the Asia Pacific Region and is very excited to finally enjoy the financial freedom she always dreamed of.

WinnersWorld Congratulates Kelly on her great achievement. We look forward to seeing what growth lies ahead for her organisation.

Click here to listen to Kelly inspiring RD (RVP3) Speech

Team Coordinator May 2007

Click here to listen to Kelly inspiring TC Speech

Kelly joined ACN on 13th February 2007, but only started working the business on 7th March when her upline Leader, TC Howard Shen from Melbourne went to Brisbane.

With Howard's support, within a week Kelly...
Qualified as ETT with $750 Bonus
Within the same month was able to max out ETT $2,000 Bonus
PLUS $1,000 ETL Bonus.

A total of $3,750 all within 3 weeks!!!

Kelly went on to qualify today as TC... setting a record time of TC in just three and a half months from join date.

Kelly already has 73 Business Partners and 850 Customer Points with a phenomenal qualification rate of 93%.

Great Leadership Howard Shen... WinnersWorld salutes You & Kelly and the entire Team you have created in such quick time. Records are meant to be broken...
who will be next to take up the challenge?


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