Congratulations to Kelly Tao WinnersWorld most recent RVP

“Hard work + System + Dream = Success”
Kelly Tao, RVP June, 2010.


taoBefore ACN, Kelly worked in insurance for eight years as the Union Manager of the Queensland Branch and prior to that had run her own restaurant and trading business.

Kelly was always looking for new opportunities to achieve her life dreams. While living in China she had built a successful business for another network marketing company, until in 1998 the government banned network marketing and overnight her company was gone. This experience left Kelly feeling disappointed and she lost faith in the network marketing industry.

Years later, Kelly moved to Australia to pursue her dreams of financial and time freedom. In 2006, she was approached by a friend to attend a Business Opportunity Meeting (BOM) and learn about the ACN Opportunity. Still bitter from her previous network marketing experience, she rejected the invitation right away.

She felt safer working at her restaurant and was convinced that running a traditional business was the only way she would achieve her dreams.

A year passed and Kelly was still spending too much time away from her family, not earning enough and putting her health in jeopardy from working long, arduous, hours. She decided it was time do something different, for herself and her family.

Composing a list of all the business opportunities that were available to her, both traditional and not, Kelly carefully analysed all of them – searching for the right vehicle to achieve her dreams.

“Finally I realised that network marketing was the only way to achieve my goal. The first question I asked myself was, if I want to get involved in network marketing again, which company offers the best opportunity?”, says Kelly.

The answer was ACN.

“I like ACN because my customer’s don’t pay extra money for ACN services and Representatives don’t have any quota to get paid on your team, The services are essential, ones that people use every day, which makes the residual income even better”.

Since signing up to the business, Kelly has remained focused on achieving her dreams. By listening to Top Producers with a proven track record of success, following the system and working hard she has accomplished the prestigious position of RVP.

So, what advice can she give aspiring RVPs?


“You must have a strong vision of where it is you want to go and share that vision with your team, so that they can share the vision and together you can achieve your goals”.

With a team of more than 2000 Representatives, supporting nearly 4000 customers, Kelly Tao is one of the most successful and inspiring leaders in Asia Pacific.

Congratulations Kelly on this promotion to RVP. We look forward to watching your business continue to grow.

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