Liz Freeman


I have earned a comfortable income through MLM for many years, but found it wasn’t true residual as customers continually dropped off and needed to be replaced

With  ACN I can see a real Residual Business because of the Utility Bills.  I have worked very hard and run up some huge phone bills calling people all over the country but it has paid off. I have reached ETT my first month and I am very close to TC which is exciting. I have a great Team of fabulous people all over Australia and will do everything I can to help them achieve their goals.

My Hobbies and Interests are my Harley Davidson and painting. I belong to the Gold Coast Harley Owners Group and apart from riding and having fun we also do a lot of charity work and fund raising. As for my art, it’s the only time I truly relax!!!  I love to paint portraits and do a few commissions in between talking about ACN.  I want to hit road like a Gypsy, travelling from town to town in a mobile home. I can do ACN meetings with my new friends around the country and take some time to walk on those beautiful beaches of Australia.

ACN is just about helping others get out of the Rat Race and make their dreams come true. I have made up my mind, I will be Successful with ACN and that’s that!

Thanks to Keith Janke for convincing me THIS IS THE ONE!!!!

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