Marc & Maria Hobson... Team Coordinator SEPTEMBER 2014

Only last year Maria and I sat down and on our balcony and said there has to be more. We were working two businesses full time and just scraping by. More time spent worrying about where the money would come from than how to make it.
Sadly, like so many, we had become conditioned over the years not to dream too much and live within the reality of what we had.

Not long after this 'reality check', we heard a whisper from Matt Gosling that we could link another idea with what we were already doing. One of our businesses was Solar Obsession and we had been looking for a company to link with and offer power retail deals with our solar packages. Well we were astonished.

Matt was not yet an IBO and we met at his house with a group of people instructed by Matt's upline TC at the time, Ben Watson-Brown. As Ben was interstate, he commenced a Skype presentation that failed completely part-way through. Matt continued as best he knew. Even this 'imperfect presentation' conveyed the message that we had just found something special.

Maria being an amazing wife just said, "if you think it's great it must be". The belief and support of Maria makes all things work for us. Within a month we had agreed that this would be our future. We dared to dream again and understood that we now have been blessed with a tool that will change our lives, and the lives of many people that we touch with it.

To move through the system to TC has been an adventure to say the least. This would not have happened without the strength of our WinnersWorld group and Leaders. Our team in Coffs Harbour not only directly, but ACN family have kept our hearts true which has daily developed our personal growth.

Our key would have to be, if you don't ever lose faith it will happen. Thank you to the founder's insight and motivational hearts that change lives every day!

Listen to Marc & Maria TC Story here


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