RD Matt & Bec Gosling

RD Matt & Bec Gosling January 2014 - Just 11 months after joining ACN!

Last month of TC No 1 in all of Asia Pacific in Top Production charts
First month of Achieving RD No1 in all of Asia Pacific in Top Production charts - Well Done!

Wow, what an incredible journey that this amazing business of ACN takes you on. Not only does it help move you towards reaching your dreams and aspirations, it also makes incredible friendships and a level of personal growth that I dont think you could find anywhere else.

To succeed in ACN you have to overcome some fears, pluck up courage, and have a consisitant daily activity of personal growth and application. For Bec and myself, these areas have seen an incredible stretching but without some sort of growing pains, you will always remain the same.  If we thought that we would have to do this by ourselves, I don't believe we would be where we are, but for the support network and systems that ACN is so well known for, we stuck to our daily routine which has brought us to this position within ACN.

I was first piqued over 6 months prior to joining ACN but it was due to the tenacity of my cousin Ben Watson-Brown, that we joined. Remember that not every ones timing may be right but at some point, the right time will come so don't give up. We are so thankful that Ben continued following us up as now, we can see a future that goes well beyond traditional types of required work and work hours. We can see that it is not that far away to have the lifestyle of choosing where we want to be, when we want to be there, and for as long as we want to stay there, especially spending time with our 3 gorgeous children.

Our biggest aim is to help more people experience this incredible result because as the saying goes, "its not much fun playing golf by yourself".

Have an awesome day, Matt Gosling

Team Coordinator June 2013 - Just 4 months after joining ACN more

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