Neita bage

I have had two main careers in my life, having completed my studies at RMIT I became a jeweller for a leading Melbourne manufacturer for a couple of years before taking off on my childhood dream to travel the world, which I did for 6 years, starting in Bali in 1971 and working with leading jewellers around the world between my travels.
On return to Australia in 1977 I married Mike, who I met overseas.  As Mike and I had a love of food we decided it would be great to open our own restaurant, so along with my parents we headed north to QLD and Peregian Beach where we spent the next 6 years building our home/restaurant in bushland just off the coast, I continued making jewellery in between.  It was a complete lifestyle change and an exciting challenge which I loved.  We opened in 1985 and my next challenge was to become a chef, which I did for the following 13 years, needless to say cooking is not one of my favourite pastimes these days.
In the intervening years I tried my hand at Futures trading, options trading currency trading you name it, an exciting past time if you like constant adrenalin rushes and gambling.  It was time to get back into something that I understood and could control.  Having had a break from my jewellers bench for several years it was a joy to get back to making jewellery again.
Then one day, in May, Keith gives me a call, he had since moved from QLD to Balranald, he told me about ACN, which I have to say did not excite me at all.  I am not a networking person, I am used to having control of everything I do and not relying on help from other people in anything I have ever done, so network marketing was not something that I was interested in.  But Keith was persistent and asked me to go and see Jonathan when he came out in June, which I did with some reluctance, and that was the changing point for me, I then realised what I had my hands on with ACN.  A service rather than a product based industry, you did not have to physically sell product and hound people to continually buy product so you could make some money every month, people have a phone they pay their bills and all you are doing is offering them an alternative and helping them save some money. 

Still I did not feel comfortable with the networking idea and so I have quit about 4 times, but each time I have pulled myself together with a good shake, ACN is not something you should ever quit from permanently, it is just too good to miss. Yes I, as have most of us, do have to get out of our comfort zone, it has been really hard especially when it came time to getting customers, I was dreading the 1st of November, boy asking for a favour is something I have never done in my life, so I had to do a lot of talking to myself to get started, but I eventually bit the bullet and like most things we are terrified of it wasn't as bad as expected, became quite simple after the first couple.
One of the great things I have come to realise with ACN is that I have met both personally and over the phone some fantastic people, but best of all I can help people make a difference in their lives as well which is something I have never done before in my previous careers.  I am working with a wonderful group of people and I know that each and every one of you will achieve your goals with ACN, if you are prepared to put in a bit of effort and treat it as you would your present work or business.  If we all hang in there through the challenges, we can't help but be very successful with ACN.
We are all very lucky to be involved with Keith, his experience in this industry is second to none, we have a fantastic mentor, all we have to do is follow him and be prepared to take the time to learn and duplicate, it is all so simple, much easier than anything I have ever done before and so much fun.
The world is your oyster with ACN, hit the ground running in 2005 and all your dreams will become a reality in the next 2 years.
Best Wishes And Much Success To You All.

Neita Bage

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