December 2005 bought about the achievement of a WRITTEN Goal to be one of Australia’s 1st 20 Team Coordinators.

With that achievement and the support of our sponsors Keith & Colleen Janke I am now positioned to capitalize on the market expansion of this company not just on Aussie soil but as we expand into New Zealand and the South Pacific Rim.

What an awesome honour and privilege to be able to present an opportunity and truly take anyone from where they are and by just redirecting money they are already spending help them turn their financial world upside down. 

As recognition of achievement and through Keith’s generosity I was able to purchase for myself a Navman.  A portable GPS system that travels with me and guides me to my every appointment.  This, now being achieved in the shortest of time frames and with out travelling the circumference of each appointees suburbs.  As you can imagine from the above, my navigational skills leave much to be desired.  I now arrive at my appointments stress free and fired up with a life changing, financial shattering opportunity!
The most exciting thing about my business within ACN is the fact that EACH and EVERY month my Team Coordinator position is strengthened.  As each team grows my position is more and more secured.  I have NEVER experienced that in this industry before and it is refreshing to know that as your customers have an opportunity to save $’s it gives the ordinary person, like you and I an opportunity to change our financial world.
Narelle Success Tips:

  • Write your GOAL down and plan with your support person your 90-day action plan
  • Change your present conditioning by daily reading/listening to people who have gone before.
  • Follow the proven ACN system that has worked for 13 years
  • Make a commitment for the marathon: this is a 2 – 5 year plan verses the 40-year plan
  • Work consistently so in 2 – 5 years your incoming $’s never dictate your lifestyle again "Yippee"   In just 12 short months this is fast becoming my reality
  • Imagine, Imagine, Imagine –Create the vision of what is possible.  ACN is successful.  ACN will be successful in our market! Imagine the possibilities for you and your family and in the words of President Greg Provanzano – "your life can turn from tragic to magic in the shortest of time frames with ACN".
I totally agree with Brian Tracy's statement here -
  "The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable pre-requisite for success."
Thankyou Keith & Colleen, for your commitment to the team & myself and ever going the extra mile in supporting us in our journey to change our financial world.  We appreciate your commitment not just in word but also in action!

Narelle Labuschewski
ACN Team Co-ordinator

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