Tony & Annie Burns... Team Coordinator July 2017

Our journey with ACN started in mid 2014, when we were desperately looking for other ways of making extra income following the impact of the global financial crisis.
We have both managed our own businesses, Annie an artist, had her own art gallery and Tony was involved with the tourist trade after he left the hospital management environment.

We quickly joined the ACN opportunity when we saw the benefits of residual income from essential services. We were so excited about the business and where it could take us, that we achieved the fast start bonuses and met the 90 day criteria to get 10% of our personal customer bills every month.

Our WHY is all about helping the less fortunate in our community, and the community programmes that ACN is involved in dovetailed perfectly with our WHY.

Our partnership therefore has been bound by a common thread of love to lift and support the less fortunate. Fast forward to where we are today, with over 270 personal customer points and a team of over 50 business owners and a vision that is even richer and stronger than it was when we started.

We feel humble and so privileged to have so many amazing customers that we are helping to reduce their bills each month, and a deep sense of honour to be leading a team of other committed individuals who want to express their own innate qualities in the world.

It is through the mentorship of RVP Mr Keith Janke and RVP Mr BEN Watson Brown and others too numerous to mention BUT who support and lift everyone as a TEAM. We have been given so much love and hope in our time with ACN, that it is our philosophy to instill that in others and to remind everyone that, if you don't give up you will WIN.


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