Trevor & Jenny Gosling... Team Coordinator 31st January 2014

When our son Matt decided to build an ACN business in February last year, my first, second and third response was "No Matt. Please don't get involved in that. We have tried to build a Networking business with a few companies and it's just too hard, this just won't work! Maybe for a few select people, but not me."

Well Matt and Bec had it in their hearts to make this work for them. In our current business we have to be on call over the weekends and during the night. We have had only 3 family holidays in 40 years that were 3+ weeks in length. You take a holiday when you can... which were few.
Matt could see he had reached the extent of his financial income at 32. You can only charge a certain amount of money per hour and he was maxed out, leaving home every morning before 7 and arriving home after 6 meant he didn't have much time to spend with his family. Through my wall of resistance, "We're doing this to make a break. I want to be able to spend time with my family and earn more than my current hourly rate is paying."

Our other son Brad, saw the opportunity as well for residual income and time freedom and decided to join under Matt. So that left us to either jump in with them and help them out or stand back and discourage them from the sidelines. Obviously, we chose to jump in and support them both, so from that point my reason became "I want to help my boys succeed and have the time Trevor and I didn't have as a family."

The biggest turning point for me in my thinking was the Brisbane International in April 2013. Up until then my heart wasn't in the business. However, we both came home changed. The integrity of the company founders spoke to us and the fact that we were selling a financial dream of unlimited possibilities and not a truck load of product. People didn't have to spend any more money than they currently were, so all I had to do was unlock a dream that had been hidden in people's hearts.
Is it easy? No. Only because the majority of people have believed a lie that their situation won't or can't change. They have accepted a lower road of the status quo. However, if we are diligent and keep on lifting their eyes to see the possibilities, we will see families and communities change. So stay diligent and consistent. Refuse to accept someone's label that this won't work.

Change what you believe. You were created for greatness not mediocrity. ACN is a model and a tool that will change your financial destiny and you will step into the greatness that lies within, if you don't give up.

Matt and Bec are now Regional Directors and Brad and Tina will be there by the September International. We're nothing special from a small community, but we believe we will achieve whatever is in our heart's if we don't give up.

The end of our stories isn't written yet... what will it say... where will we be?

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