Catherine Schenk


Just over 3 years ago, our financial life was not much different to the previous 32 years. In fact, I was now also working as hard as ever, up to 18 hours most days, running 2 small businesses, and we were still only just surviving. I always had visions and dreams of being very successful, inspiring and to have the freedom to be there for our family. Together with my husband Henk to also help other people overcome life's huge challenges.

Those dreams looked like, that's all they would be, as I was now over 52 years old, a mum of 6 children and 4 grandies. When I very reluctantly went to a PBR and saw ACN, I instantly saw my vision and dreams would come true. Getting paid on Bills that EVERYONE had to pay and the opportunity of getting paid on merchant banking was almost toooo good to be true.

After meeting the ACN family and coming to realise the incredible system. If I would follow the system, be humble, coachable and willing to help others, to overcome hardship and achieve their goals, that was part of my dream, and I was totally in! Together with the amazing Matt Gosling and his wife Bec, for allowing me so much of Matt's time back then. We went to work in the small amounts of "spare" time that we had and quickly grew the business achieving all available Bonuses along the way.

Today one of my greatest passions is to encourage and inspire and help anyone and particularly women, who desire success in many areas of life, especially in business. 

To now promote out 2 incredible women Leaders, Donna Alderman and Sarah Rook, to TC and achieve the position of RD, that would have to be one of my ACN journeys' biggest highlight so far! And I'm excited for the next 3 Leaders that are coming up for their TC run. It looks like it'll be the ladies! I would love to have a gentleman amongst them though! Who is keen?

Listen to Catherine RD story here.

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