Ron & Patricia Deledio

We had previously experienced first hand the lifestyle and travel that can be enjoyed from building a successful Network Marketing business.
This coupled with the fact we were both disgruntled with our existing business and career circumstances, made for a couple of very strong reasons why the timing was perfect for us to consider ACN as a option.

I was working extremely long hours in the Finance and Property Investment  Industry.  And although Trish currently also works in the Property Industry she completed a Diploma of Professional Counseling at the end of 2004 and is in the process of pursuing a career in that field. Having said that, we were so caught up on the financial "treadmill" that we did not realise we were looking for something, but when confronted with it, it soon became obvious that we were desperately seeking a change of direction.
I had promised Trish I would never get involved in building a Network again, because of our disappointment when, what was quite a  "large" product based business, fell away back in the early 90's.  Fortunately though, Keith Janke was able to clearly explain the difference with what ACN had created and how there were some safety measures to ensure that would not happen with this opportunity.  One of them being that we are now working with a "service" rather than "product", and more importantly, an "everyday essential service".
We quickly identified that here was a chance to get back that Lifestyle we had enjoyed back in the late 80's.
We both have a passion for working with people, and  very much  enjoy being encouragers and sharing with people as they grow to achieve new levels of achievement and success.
We are deeply committed to ACN,  have tremendous momentum at this point and have some absolutely wonderful people to work with that are quickly becoming very dear friends.
I have complete confidence that this is the last business that I will ever be involved with, it has our total commitment.

Ron & Trish Deledio

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