Tim & Belinda Hawken, Bendigo

Tim&Belinda_TC2Team Coordinators December 2009

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A family friend of over 30 years Bob introduced Tim to the ACN opportuntity.  Tim was very skeptical at first, as Bob was someone who was always looking for a quick way to make his fortune!

He convinced Tim however to have a look at the company and Tim drove to Melb to attend a business presentation which was 2 hours trip from Bendigo. Hearing the words "get paid when people make phone calls" and the thought of making money everytime people paid a phone bill was very appealing and Tim was excited enough to get started.

Employed as a registered nurse the last 15 years and with no prior network marketing experience Tim was not sure if he could do it but was prepared to give it a go.  Tim saw the power of ongoing residual income as a key to wealth and financial freedom.  He was excited to have found a vehicle that could allow him to spend more time with their 3 children and his wife Belinda if he put in the effort now.

Unfortunately most of his family and close friends were very negative and not willing to support him in his business, so he had to make a tough decision very early on. Would I quit if my own family wont help me, or would I do it anyway without their support.  Tim is not someone who quits once he commits to something, so the only option was to prove them wrong.
Tim had no upline support initially, as his sponsor quit within a short period of time and  there were no local trainings available at the time, but he realised was that he needed to get customers to earn residual income.  Tim set a goal to get 40 customer points within his first month and achieved this... and reached 100 personal customer points within his first year. He would travel to Melbourne on his own to training events, however it was not until he attended an ACN International Event that his business really started to happen.  Hearing from the company co-founders he got the vision and belief and hearing the testimonials of everyday people that had achieved success in ACN also inspired Tim to do the same.  He realised that it was important to build a team and leverage his time to acquire more customers and increase the billing volume.
Tim strongly believes in following the system that ACN has in place, having a never quit attitude and focusing on your goals until you achieve them are key elements for success in ACN.  Being a team player and helping others achieve their goals is also very important for your ongoing success.  Be prepared with the right mindset to deal with the emotional roller coaster that we all go through. It is important to know that there will be both good and bad days in the business, however having a strong why you are doing ACN and a never quit attitude will get you through the tough times.

It is important to work on your personal development by reading books, listening to cds or watching dvds. Just do what ever you can to improve yourself... You need to change things if you want to get a different result...  Tim says, "I see acn as a once in a lifetime opportunity to become financially secure and allow my family to enjoy a lifestyle we have always dreamed of. I look at ACN as a marathon, building it over time and enjoying the benefits it will provide us later on.  I believe that if you have the determination and desire to succeed and most importantly never QUIT you will achieve success in ACN... Winners never quit and quitters never  win."

Listen to Tim TC speech here.

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