Ian MacDonald & Jenny Palmer TC - Brisbane May 2012

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Our goal when we saw ACN was small. We had no idea about the size of the business or the global opportunity. We just wanted to start earning some residual income. Now, our goal is to create a life of "choice" and build a wall of security around our family. For us, TC means "Things Change", and it feels like we're just at the beginning of our ACN journey.

Combined, we have more than 65 years experience in Television Production; first at major networks, then starting our own thriving business in Sydney in the 1980's. We found ourselves caught in the never-ending spiral of constant technical upgrades to stay in business. Add to that a 24/7 work schedule, massive overheads, constant deadlines and stress, and no time to spend with our four boys.

When Digital Television was announced in the year 2000, our business became obsolete overnight. All our clients immediately demanded the new technology. We just couldn't keep up, and eventually we lost both our business and our home.

We didn't know it at the time, but joining ACN was the best personal and business decision we ever made. No overheads, no employees, no inventory, plus a simple business model to learn and follow. We started in 2004 and got our first bonus in 30 days - 100% return on our investment!

Life got in the way though, and we were living with Jen's elderly parents. Helping care for them, and working in menial part time jobs, we did nothing in ACN for many years. However, a small amount of residual income kept coming into our bank account every month, and it made sense after about four years to learn how to increase that.

It's been a long road of learning for us. We'd come from a life of working in dark rooms making great film and TV, but having minimal contact with clients. So we started attending ACN training events and learnt that ACN is all about 'people', not just phones. This meant we had to develop ourselves as people who could help other people. And that continues to be our biggest journey. The personal development aspect of ACN has become almost more important to us than the money. It's helping us become better parents, better partners, better friends.... become the people we need to be to succeed in ACN.

Yes, it's taken us a long time to get to TC, but it's the journey that was perfect for us. With each step along the way, the business opens up more possibilities, and we can clearly see the next promotion to Regional Director. With the launch of Energy into Australia and many countries still to open, we're more excited than ever about what this business means for every struggling Australian who still dares to dream. The word "hope", has returned to our vocabulary.

The key to our success has come from our commitment to the 'system in place', (the training, support and mentoring) available to every ACN business owner. Especially the support of our Regional Vice President Mr Keith Janke and his wife Colleen. They told us the only way to fail in ACN is to quit. So we knew we could just stay in the business for however long it took. They held the altruistic belief that we could be successful, long before we believed we could be successful. And that belief has meant the world to us. It lifted us and guided us and encouraged us, and will continue to do so all the way to SVP.

If we can gain success from such meagre beginnings, imagine what you can do.

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