Peter & Lynne Kitchin TC - Brisbane July 2006

Peter & Lynne were first exposed to ACN during pre-launch, August 2004.  They were attracted to ACN because it is a "service driven business".

Peter & Lynne say,  "By faith we believed in the integrity of the company and have since learned that it is surpassed by none.  You can sit back and have money clicking into your account every month from just acquiring a 'few' personal customer's without having to buy product every month!

So if a little comes in by doing VERY little, how much more could you earn by doing a little bit more - a lot?, the mind boggles.

This is it for us... as we have come out of early retirement (due to ill health) and into ACN full time.  The world is our oyster, our dreams and goals now have a future, yours can too.

Think BIG, no goal can be limited by this company ACN"
Peter & Lynne's achievement is especially exciting, as they are WinnersWorld's 10th TC's & 7th TC leg.  A first for any Australian Team.

Peter & Lynne are true champions  and example leaders for their team as they currently have 68 Personal Customer Points.  They are testimony to the power of the system in that they are on WinnersWorld 6th level with no active Upline between them and their upline RVP, Keith & Colleen Janke.  Some would use this as an excuse not to do the business, Peter & Lynne have used this as a reason to take responsibility for their own success.

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