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Matt & Bec Gosling TC in 109 Days! - Coffs Harbour June 2013

The ride of ACN and life is incredible and to describe it in a couple of paragraphs cannot possibly do it justice. We firstly want to thank our Lord Jesus for the grace and favour He has bestowed upon us, our families, our wonderful team, my amazing cousin and rockstar in his own right Mr Ben Watson Brown and of course, Mr and Mrs Janke. We thank you for this great opportunity that has been set before us of which is the ACN vehicle, as we can see will not only change our lives but also the lives of so many others surrounding us.

We were introduced to this incredible ‘dream achiever’ by my cousin, Ben Watson-Brown late September 2012 via a 3 way call with Mr Janke. After taking on board the information provided, I concluded that this was not the right timing for me and that my focus was to remain within our family Electrical business of which I was intrinsically involved. It was not until a family holiday that both Ben and myself sat to go through the presentation in a way to humour him as my cousin and to put to rest the “opportunity”, but he then posed the question… what is common about all the people of which we can see?” as we sat looking out over a group of people.

Thinking through this, I had no idea of what he was talking about. “Everyone you can see is currently paying for a mobile phone, internet or electricity. Would you be interested in getting paid every time someone made a call or opened their fridge”. 

I quickly then grasped the concept but not willing to have our family endure time spent at events, meetings and the like, not wanting to get involved in another “network or pyramid scheme” of which we had been involved in before, and also to justify the product pricing etc, I endeavoured to carry out my “Due Diligence”. How RIDICULOUS this statement was looking back now!


Upon driving to Brisbane in February 2013 to support and honour Mr Ben Watson-Brown on his accomplishment as TC, an unknown presenter to me, Mr Larry Raskin, spoke at this event and listed a 90 day game plan which I then concluded to myself that the 60+ hrs per week I was spending at work and not with my family, had to stop. It was emotional driving back from Brisbane and looking through screen saver photos of our children growing up so quickly and stages of their life that I had and was currently missing. The glorified dream of “owning your own traditional business” was not quite as golden as previously thought and a decision was made, a new path had to be created.

For Bec and I, starting ACN in the small town of Coffs Harbour, 6hrs from our sponsor, 5hrs from the nearest training or other IBO’s, involved in a family business of which I was working over 60hrs each week with 2 young children, Bec and I had the perfect reason not to succeed in this adventure and to just give up. We had nothing to compare or duplicate with, or person to catch up with or present for us the opportunity.  We quickly learned the system of 3-way calls and mobile phones placed in the centre of the tables on speaker phone, this was to be the start of an amazing rollercoaster!! We quickly discovered that other people also thought it was a great idea to be paid from monthly bills!


We received 3 pieces of advice of which we followed: Be coachable (do not deviate from the proven system), promote events, and try to help make every IBO be as successful as they possibly can be. One other point that you will always hear us say as well is “the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, but with a consistent level of work, success will come your way”.


Have an awesome day,

Matt Gosling

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