Stuart Symes TC - Bendigo August 2012

Stuart says, "WOW TC it is great, fantastic, wonderful and all that, but to me it's a goal achieved and puts me in a position to help a lot more people. 

I know some people have to see it to believe it, but believe me, when you believe, you will see your ACN dreams come TRUE.

I do need to thank the Leaders in my team for their support on this TC journey.  I have only been able to travel this journey because of them, namely Brian Wheatley, Chris Trowel and Chris Whatley all friends, true mates. 
The support I have had from RVP Mr Keith Janke has been nothing short of amazing.  I am so fortunate that this man, now my friend has come into my life.  I cannot forget my TC Leader and mate Mr Tim Hawken, who always walks and talks the ACN dream plus, TC Mrs Tara Smith, who always inspires you with her great joy and passion for ACN.

Years ago, I had a very bad fall from the third step of a ladder and since then I am very nervous to go any higher.  Now, though I am at that third step in the ACN ladder, with three to go! 

This time, I can feel safe, as I am being helped from those above and supported by those also on their way up.  This is one ladder I, along with many others will gladly stand on the top rung.

Everything in LIFE starts with a little... so I hope my bit has helped to inspire others.  This truly is a great company, with great people, so let's all ride the ACN wave to the top.

Many thanks to all...."

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