Pam Gaw & Colleen Leeds TC - Brisbane February 2013

Prior to ACN, Colleen (right) was a teacher who left the security of teaching to start her own business in partnership with Pam (left), a jack of all trades. Pam had, amazingly, dovetailed four casual jobs to make a living after her marriage breakdown.

For a couple of years the Importing and Retailing business was working well.With an eye to expansion and little experience in how to go about it, they moved into new markets and shopping centres... big mistake!

Business was already slowing down with advent of the GFC; tourists who were their main customers in the markets were no longer coming to Australia due to the high value of the Australian dollar and the rents in the shopping centres were crippling! But it was 12 months of rain on weekends (who wants to go to a market on a wet weekend?) and the Brisbane floods that put the last nail in the business’s coffin.

It was during this time of struggling to keep their business heads above water that Pam and Colleen concluded that their product was wrong.They had to find a product that everyone needed, wanted and used every day. When the student is ready, the teacher arrives! ACN dropped into their laps.

Initially, both were reluctant to look at the business as they had experience with Network Marketing before and, although they loved the business model, found it difficult to sell the products.ACN was different and after Colleen was introduced to the business plan by Jenny Palmer, she was in!Pam was a little more reluctant to participate but decided to join through fear of loss! Pam hates to miss out!

It was at the Gold Coast International event in 2011 that both Pam’s and Colleen’s belief in the company and business grew out of sight. There was no holding them back then... well almost nothing... they did go overseas for a couple of stints that slowed their progress down but their belief that they were in the right business was rock solid.

Their first 3 legs were established within 3 months of deciding to work the business seriously and ETL followed shortly afterwards.

Both Pam and Colleen are very grateful to ACN for the support and training and know they would never have achieved the position of TC without a commitment to attending every event.Pam and Colleen are constantly reminding each other that, “Successful people do what other people don’t.” It’s a mantra that keeps them both focussed on the prize... SVP!


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