Tara Smith TC - Bendigo August 2012

Firstly, the most important thing that I would like to share is my Thanks!  Thank you to everyone in the ACN team, everyone that has ACN in them!

To grow with and learn from a man of such success as Mr Keith Janke, and to learn from other successful leaders is such a blessing and the most wonderful lift in life!   We truly feel so honoured!

But the thing that I just LOVE, above everything else that I love in this business, is growing with our team.  People that are stretching and growing to add more to their lives!  Growing outside of their personal comfort zones, and achieving!  Together Everyone Achieves More, and to my TEAM... You Guys ROCK!  I LOVE YOU ALL!  THANK YOU!

When Julius and I were married, I was just 20 and soon with our first two boys, Kiah and Isaac and our house and a mortgage.  We could either do the dual income working family to provide and grow, or we could choose to strive now and allow more flexibility later, with a business.  12 months later we started our first business from home while we both still worked to provide more income, and support our family.

In 2005 we bought into our first company and by that stage had already added our beautiful daughter Tahlia to our family.  Two years later, whilst still managing our transport company we had our fourth and final
child, little miss Nakeisha!  By this stage, the company was running me.

Nakeisha was 6 weeks early and was placed straight into special care for 10 days.  But the minute I was out of hospital, between visits to special care baby unit, I was back at the depot, running the company.   That stupidly wasn’t my wakeup call that I was missing out!  But I do remember about 2 years later, I come home from work (at about 7 – 8pm) again 10 – 14 hour day, only to see a little girl in our house.  “Who is she?” I asked my husband “oh that is Milly the little girl who lives down the road, Tahlia and her play every night together for about an hour after school, she’s sleeping the night”.  It hit me; I had no idea about my family, because I was so busy working for my family.   I’d made my reason why I was out there providing more, the reason why I wasn’t a part of their lives, REALLY!   

Mr Tim Hawken crossed my path with ACN in 2009, after I’d had a little post about myself at the Gym for winning member of the month!

We started off great, reached the position of ETT, grew a little, then went back to what we knew, letting our company run our life!  Mr Hawken always kept in touch, even if it was just a text or email, to invite me to things, or notify of changes.  But one day I took him up on it, I remember walking into the centre, and there were more new people. 
Then WOW it hit me; these people were MY TEAM partners....  ‘YEP…,” confirmed Tim, “your business has grown”!

We have since closed down our transport company, and now I focus on ACN and our family.  ACN will eventually GROW our lives into EVERYTHING we have ever wanted and more

We at the same time are very lucky to have an autistic son.  Sometimes it seems like GRR and wow, but that boy has the most amazing ability to ground us when we least expect it.  He quickly reminds us of what we are working and growing towards!  The true beauty of life!

What a blessing to achieve Team Coordinator (and WE ALL KNOW THE BONUSES IT CAN BRING!!) We have learnt to focus on growing personally and teaching others to do the same!  It is exciting KNOWING we are in such a better position and at the same time offering A HAND UP TO OTHERS WHO WANT IT TOO!

Knowing that you are adding to someone’s life through this business is just such an Absolute Blessing!!  We agree that this alone is absolutely priceless and so very humbling!

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